5 Signs of Malnutrition

Malnutrition actually refers to two different meanings, being under nutrition or over nutrition. Typically, when people refer to someone as being malnourished, they are usually referring to the under nutrition aspect. Listed below you will find five signs of malnutrition that are related to the under nutrition side.

1. Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss due to lack of consuming the proper amount of calories or protein can lead to malnourishment. The signs of this could be clothes not fitting properly, loose jewelry or belts, and even dentures.

2. Less Physical Activity

Tiredness and having a lack of energy is also a sign of being or becoming malnourished. You may realize that you are unable to run or walk as far as you once could, and you also may notice an inability to perform typical tasks in your day-to-day life.

3. Moodiness and Depression

Changes in moods and a sudden sense of depression may occur to someone who is experiencing malnourishment. They may also become lethargic, which causes them to be less physically active.

4. Poor Concentration

Our brains need food to help us think and concentrate, and when there becomes a lack of nutrients flowing to our brains, we begin to process things slower. It may take a little longer than expected to comprehend or answer a question.

5. Loss of Muscle

Someone who is malnourished usually has a tremendous loss of muscle. They have begun to look fragile, weak, and it is then when others take notice and become alarmed. A loss of muscle prevents the individual from carrying out certain activities due to a lack of strength.

Malnutrition is usually caused by

1. Poor Diet
2. Mental Health Problems
3. Mobility Problems
4. Digestive Disorders and Stomach Conditions
5. Alcoholism

Written By: Hillary D. Griffin

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