Trending Yoga Styles

Yoga, one of the most popular forms of relaxing exercises. Now that you have braved a few classes and feel more confident on your mat, why not try out some new varieties that can change things up a bit for your yoga routine?

Buti Yoga

If you love to turn up the volume and dance those calories out, then Buti yoga is the one for you. This form of yoga is a high-energy, fast-paced, bass-pumping trend that lets you break through that shell and find the powerful force within. You might experience some freedom and empowerment with the combined mixture of dance, yoga poses, and plyometric.

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard has been a popular yoga trend this year. If you want the calming effects of doing yoga on top of a body of water and to practice your balance, then this is the one for you. It will bring a new challenge to every pose. You can practice on any surface, even a pool if you don’t have access to a lake or ocean.


If you can guess, this is yoga with your furry friend. Now you don’t have to leave them at home when you want to get a yoga session in. This yoga class is specific to doing partner yoga with your dog, where you sync your energy through poses and meditation. As a bonus, the experience could help your dog overcome fear and anxiety through this type of yoga.

Aerial Yoga

This is another form of yoga than can add a twist to your basic yoga practice. It involves a silk-like hammock that hangs down from the ceiling; the yogi will then be suspended in the threads to perform their yoga poses (almost) in midair.

The benefits for this trend are extensive; it can improve mobility in the body, decompress the spine, and build strength in unlikely muscles. Plus, it can help you reassess your normal poses and perform them in a different and new way.

Written by: Alex Dunn

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