Organization Skills Can Impact Your Health

One of the most important skills that determines efficiency at work and at home is organization. These building blocks determine the effects of out mental and emotional health. Whether at home or in the work place, being organized can make or break how we get through the day.

Being unorganized can lead to more than just not being able to find something in your house or losing an important document at work. It can lead to increased levels of stress. This in turn can take a toll on the body, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. All of these combined can cause mental and physical health problems.

When a lack of organization causes stress, it can affect a lot more than just feeling unorganized. Lack of organization can cause you to lose sleep, decrease productivity, and make you miss out on important health benefits, like exercising.

Lack of sleep can cause even less organization. Being tired all the time will make you lose the motivation to keep things straight and clean up after yourself. It can also affect your behavior, which can lead to more agitation for things that shouldn’t be stressful.
Decreased productivity can lead to problems in the work place. Ensuring that you have everything you need to perform better at work can decrease stress and make you feel better each day. Write everything you need to get done that day down on a notepad, and then you can check them off your list as you go.

Lack of organization can cause you to forget to exercise or eat regularly. These two actions are crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and forgetting about them could have a negative impact in the long run. Without setting aside the time to eat lunch or go to the gym after work, you could be putting more stress on yourself from being grumpy from hunger or unsatisfied with your body image.

Just keep in mind that organization is a crucial lifestyle choice that impacts your productivity, alertness, focus, mental and emotional health, and stress levels. It is important to understand that you deserve to be stress-free, and organization will help you on the road to more relaxation.


Boxes and drawers are your friends.
They can help group similar things together and keep them put out of the way. Find a place for everything to go, that way it can be out of sight and easy to find when you need it.

Plan your meals in advance.
Not having to worry about what to eat for dinner that night can relieve some stress from the body. Planning out what lunch you want to take to work each day can also minimize stress and time spent when you’re on the go.

Keep a notepad near the front door.
If you have chores you need to get done when you get home from work that night, write them down. Place that list near the front door so it will be the first thing you see when you walk in. It is also a great tool to have ready when you’re in a hurry and out the door. You can quickly write down something you need done in case you forget it later.

Keep a to-do list at your desk.
It never hurts to have your tasks and assignments written out in front of you. It’s a great way to visually see which assignment should be prioritized first and which ones last. Also, it will ensure that you do not forget anything important due that week.

Keep you work space clean.
Nothing causes more stress at work than a big mess you have to sift through. Not only does a messy desk make it more likely you’ll lose important documents, but coworkers might go out of their way to avoid it. Even if you have to have a lot of stuff on your desk to begin with, try to organize them in a way that you still have space to work.

Written by: Alex Dunn


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