The Dairy Free in Me: Dairy Alternatives for Coffee and Tea

In this day and age, many people are looking for that healthy alternative for the foods and drinks they consume. With all of the negative news surrounding dairy milk, people are starting to turn to dairy alternatives for their coffee and tea. Coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and hemp milk are some of the few dairy alternatives on the market. Take a look at their pros and cons below.

Coconut Milk

Pro: Coconut milk is lactose free as well as rich in iron and calcium. According to Jennifer Chait on Inhabitots, it has a naturally creamy flavor and helps to prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol levels and improving blood pressure.
Con: When buying coconut milk, it is important to look at its packaging for Bisphenol A and guar gum. According to Shin Ohtake on Max Workouts, Bisphenol A is known to cause hormone disruption and is found in some commercial can linings. Guar gum, which is sometimes used to help thicken coconut milk, is known to cause temporary digestive issues. Carrageenan is another ingredient to watch out for. It is used for thickening the milk as well, but it can trigger inflammations when consumed.

Almond Milk

Pro: Accoding to Brian Krans on Healthline, almond milk is a well-known vegan and lactose free dairy alternative. It is low in calories with no saturated fat and is a good source of vitamins A and B-12. It has also been acclaimed for its addition of flavor to any drink.
Con: According to Chait, almond milk has low amounts of protein and can tend to be a more expensive alternative. It has also been criticized for its effect on the environment due to the large amounts of water used to make it.

Soy Milk

Pros: Soy milk is low in saturated fats and inexpensive. It is also high in protein and the least processed out of all other alternative milks.
Cons: According to Chait, soy milk tends to be the most contaminated in terms of pesticides and GMOs. It’s a common food allergy, especially among children; is known to be thicker in texture and get lumpy near the bottom of the container; and tends to be an acquired taste.

Hemp Milk

Pros: Hemp milk comes from marijuana, but carries several benefits. According to Chait, it is high in omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, is low in sugar, has zero cholesterol, and has also been acclaimed for its taste. Hemp milk is made with hemp nuts and seeds, but does not pose a threat to people with nut allergies.
Cons: Hemp milk is made with thickeners like carrageenan and isn’t the greatest source of protein. Chait said that it is also more expensive and harder to find in stores.

Written by: Bryce Ethridge

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