Can Love Affect Your Waistline?

When living the single life, everything is about your daily schedule, free time, and goals. Also, it is completely acceptable to seclude yourself at home with a bowl of cereal and the newest “Grey’s Anatomy” episode with zero judgment.

It’s all relatively smooth sailing until you find that one person that turns your world upside-down in the best possible way. Before you know it, you’re living the taken life, and everything is about when you can see your person next, what fun activities you both can do together, and, of course, what your next new food obsession is going to be.

Scientific research supports the idea that when people are in committed, happy relationships they run the risk of gaining a few inches on their waistlines. In an 8,000-person study, researchers noted that going from being single or dating, to married or living together, is positively associated with obesity. Women who live with a romantic partner have an increased chance of becoming obese within a year; for men’s it’s within two years.

But as many people know, behavior is contagious, and all it takes is for one person to jump on the healthy life train and take/ drag the other person with them. If you’re in a happy relationship, you have to take care of each other’s hearts, and I don’t just mean romantically.

It can start with taking a short walk in the park or around the block to spend quality time together while getting some fitness in. Instead of going out to dinner most nights of the week, why not have a romantic dinner at home with a movie to close out the night? Whip up something healthy that won’t break the bank or your waistline.

Making conscious choices to better your health and the health of your partner will help you both live a long and happy life. You never know – all the time spent getting and living fit could form an unbreakable bond that brings the both of you closer.

Couple Exercises


Flat Back Chair Twist- This is a great way to work not only your legs, but also your abdominals.



Cross Jump Lunges- This movement is a great way to bring cardio into
your workout with the added benefit of being able to face your partner and keep them motivated.




Wall Sit With Tricep Dip- This movement is a fun little spin on the typical wall sit. You’re each doing a different exercise that requires the other person to do their part.



Pushes Cross High Five- Pushups are a good way to strengthen your posture and speed up your metabolic rate. Keep it fun and interesting by adding a partner clap at the top of the movement.



Written by: Kaylee Kopke

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