Start Early and Make It Fun

As a kid, brushing your teeth is probably about the least most important thing in your life. As a parent, your child’s dental health is one of your top priority’s as your baby gets older and older. Parents need to monitor dental health right from the time the tooth surface starts showing. And don’t wait until all the teeth have surfaced. Caring for your child’s teeth and showing them the benefits of brushing teeth should start right away, even if it is tantamount to just cleaning them with your fingers and plain water. At that early of an age, teeth should be cleaned at least once a day, and eventually the frequency should be increased.

Why is teeth brushing so important at such a young age? You might be wondering why one needs to start so early. Brushing at an early age helps to prevent the formation of stubborn plaque. It also helps to keep at bay the onset of harmful bacteria that causes teeth decay and other harmful diseases. Teeth brushing does not have to be boring or tedious for you or your child. There are a couple of ways that you can make it fun for them and make it a daily habit that they’ll keep throughout their lives.

Letting them pick their own toothpaste and toothbrush is a good way to get them excited to go brush their teeth. It makes them feel as if they are in control of the situation. There is a wide range of toothbrushes for kids to choose from; they can have one with their favorite cartoon character or princess on it. Letting them pick their own toothpaste flavor is important. As an adult, a typical toothpaste flavor is always a different version of mint. Kids toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors like watermelon, strawberry, fruit punch, bubble gum, and orange.

To encourage this healthy dental habit, get the whole family involved. Start this at a young age, even if your children are too young to brush their own teeth. Make sure to make teeth brushing fun for them. They will want to join in on the fun if they see mom and dad enjoying brushing their teeth. Try brushing your partner’s teeth, or you can let your kids brush your teeth. They will be able to see early on what it is like to brush teeth.

Playing music is another great way to get your kids to brush their teeth. The standard time to brush your teeth is about two minutes, and there are tons of two-minute-long songs out there that your children will enjoy. Make it a party for them; they will be able to bop along to the song while they’re brushing. Once the song ends, they will know that they have finished brushing their teeth and can go about their day.

Having clean and brushed teeth is an essential habit to develop from a young age. Make sure to never make it a chore for your child. Stay away from making it an obligation since it might give it a negative connotation for them. Maintaining this healthy habit will be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

Written by: Kaylee Kopke

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