Know Thy Injector

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a deal. I mean, who doesn’t dive through those BOGO bins at the grocery store or end-of-season sale racks at your favorite local boutique? Laser surgery or injections of long-lasting products in my face or body… not so much. Not only are you paying for the cost of the device and materials, more importantly you are paying for the expertise and skill of the operator or injector and for your safety.

All medical procedures carry risks, but study after study shows that those risks are minimized when they are performed by experienced, board-certified physicians who specialize in “core aesthetic” specialties such as dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, or otolaryngology. These physicians have extensive training in relevant anatomy and how to manage complications if they arise. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are also experts in laser-tissue interactions and can help you select the most effective and appropriate laser for your particular skin concerns and type

A serious commitment to ongoing medical and aesthetic education has led to my intensive and often hands-on study with some of the world’s best injectors: Drs. Doris Day, Arthur Swift, Kent Remington, Susan Weinkle, Jean and Alister Carruthers, Teresa Jarmuz, Steven Weiner, the late Frederick Brandt, and countless others. I now feel fortunate to travel the country training other physicians to safely and effectively inject Dysport® and the entire Restylane® family of products as a GAIN Trainer. I especially love training others to use cannulas, which are thin, blunt-tipped devices that minimize the risk of bruising or injury to delicate facial structures.

As much as I love a deal, it’s not a good deal to skimp on safety or results. I wouldn’t trust my hair to just any salon hawking half-priced color or cuts; why would you trust your face or body to anyone but the most qualified physician for your aesthetic procedures?

We’ve all seen people who look “done,” and it’s not attractive. My work should make you look fresher or like the best version of yourself, not like someone else. Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and budget, and together we can customize a plan that is right for you. We also now offer our True Blue Membership, which saves you an additional 10 percent on the entire range of our products, aesthetic services, and injectables.

Betsy Perry Backe, MD, FAAD is a board certified dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Florida State University College of Medicine.

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