“I hate my neck. What can you do about it?” I hear this frustration constantly, and until recently, nothing short of surgery was truly effective.

Those saggy necks and jowls are the result of the loss of two proteins: elastin, which gives “snap back,” pliability, and softness to the skin, and collagen, the skin’s basic scaffolding.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling is a hot, new non-surgical treatment that tightens skin and improves skin texture, particularly along the neck and jowls. It uses small needles to deliver zones of heat into the deep dermis (the middle layer of skin where all the collagen and elastin are), which triggers a wound healing response. But, like most things, these devices are not all created equal. The Profound is an aptly named, powerful tool that induces elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, boosting skin volume naturally in a SINGLE TREATMENT.

In several peer-reviewed studies, heating the deep dermis to 67°C for three seconds was the optimal temperature and duration for maximal induction of new elastin and collagen, both of which continued to improve for at least six months after treatment. In fact, a single Profound treatment reduced wrinkles by an average of 40% and reduced laxity by 34% with a 100% response rate, meaning that everyone who was treated saw results. Pre- and post-treatment skin biopsies showed a five-fold increase in elastin, a two-fold increase in collagen, and a notable improvement in hyaluronic acid.

Not only is the Profound a game changer for reducing jowls, contouring jawlines, and tightening necks, it is also FDA-cleared for treating cellulite. Using the subQ tip, deeper electrodes melt fat, disrupt the septae that create dimples, and thicken the dermis, all of which treat the actual causes of cellulite. 94% of cellulite patients responded to a single treatment. It can be combined with our muscle builders like EmSculpt or fat burners like truSculpt 3D.

The procedure is performed in our office using a nitrous oxide “laughing gas” and oxygen mixture while delivering a dilute lidocaine solution all over the treated areas of the face, neck, jawline, or body. Unlike with other RF microneedling devices that require multiple treatments and provide inferior and shorter-lasting results, topical anesthetic is not sufficient for pain control. Once the face is numbed with lidocaine, the procedure is nearly painless and takes under an hour to complete. Afterward, we use the LightStim anti-aging light to minimize inflammation and reduce healing time. Platelet-rich plasma can also be added to the regimen. Profound RF can also be combined with fractional CO2 or erbium resurfacing of the face for a powerful and long-lasting skin restoration.

Side effects of the Profound RF treatment include transient redness, mild swelling, and mild to moderate bruising, which resolve in seven to ten days. If you notice areas of bruising, we provide a complementary V-Beam Perfecta treatment, which hastens resolution of any noticeable lesions. Makeup should not be applied for 48 hours after the procedure, but patients may resume their normal activities the next day.

If you have always wanted to tighten your neck and jawline or eliminate cellulite but didn’t want the risk, expense, or downtime of surgery, then Profound RF may be right for you. Call us at (229) 469-4383 or email us at thackerderm@gmail.com and schedule your consultation today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thackerderm.

Written by: Betsy Perry Backe, MD, FAAD

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