Urology Team Brings State-of-the-Art Technology to Southwest Georgia

Dr. Emerson E. Harrison, Sterling Physician Group Urologist, has nearly 35 years of experience in urologic surgery. After practicing in the Atlanta area, Harrison was looking to make a change to improve his work-life balance. When Harrison learned of the rural, teaching hospital in Moultrie, Georgia, he decided to move south to Colquitt Regional. A North Carolina native, Harrison received his medical degree from the … Continue reading Urology Team Brings State-of-the-Art Technology to Southwest Georgia

Improve Your Kidney Health

Your kidney health is just as important as your heart. The kidneys’ function is to filter waste and excess water out of your blood, as well as regulate your blood pressure and vitamin D metabolism for your bone health. When someone develops kidney disease, the waste in their body will fill up due to the lack of filtration. This will lead to unsightly and painful … Continue reading Improve Your Kidney Health

More Than a Headache

To see Maria Lane Wells is to see a picture of health. A lifelong fitness nut, Wells has worked out daily since she was 18 years old. If the gym door was open, Wells was walking through it. She not only worked out for her benefit but spent a great deal of her adult life as a personal trainer to others. If there was ever … Continue reading More Than a Headache

Mohs Surgery: Getting to the Root of Skin Cancer

Treating skin cancer, much like real estate, is all about location. For high-risk skin cancers or cancers on cosmetically sensitive areas like the nose, ears, face, hands, and shins, Mohs micrographic surgery is a tissue-sparing procedure that offers the highest possible cure rates. Mohs surgery is done in our office under local anesthesia in a single day, which means that patients are not put to … Continue reading Mohs Surgery: Getting to the Root of Skin Cancer

Archbold Ground Breaking

Archbold Outpatient Rehabilitation is home to a full range of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, including a sports medicine program that caters to scholar athletes and active community members. “Our clinic is the only one in the area that has all of these services under one roof,” said Jami Stephenson, OTR/L, CHT, director of Archbold Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. “We also have dry … Continue reading Archbold Ground Breaking