The Birthplace at South Georgia Medical Center: A Labor of Love

The Birthplace at South Georgia Medical Center: A Labor of Love

The Birthplace at South Georgia Medical Center welcomes over 2,100 babies to Lowndes County and surrounding communities every year—which is why SGMC invested in numerous enhancements over the past months, for both expecting mothers and babies.


Wireless Monitoring

In December the Labor and Delivery department added advanced wireless technology for monitoring that provides mothers the freedom to safely move around during the labor process. The maternal/fetal wireless patch technology is a single patch system placed on the expectant mother’s abdomen.

This cord-free, belt-free solution monitors maternal and fetal heart rate and uterine activity while offering patients more freedom of movement during the birth experience. Without cords connecting the patient to a fetal monitor, laboring mothers are free to get up as needed. The wireless patch technology may also be worn in the shower and bath.

“One of the great things about this system is the increased comfort and mobility it provides our patients,” said SGMC Administrative Director of Women and Children Services Peggy Knight, RN.

“This really is a game changer for the labor experience and we are thrilled to have it. The monitor allows patients the opportunity to choose how they want to labor, offering more freedom to move around the hospital, their room, and various positioning.


AngelEye Health

“We continue to focus on providing technology that supports a greater patient experience, which also includes a new secure video monitoring system for our newborns known as AngelEye,” said Knight.

AngelEye is a secure, video live stream that families can access 24/7 through an app and view their baby.

SGMC recognizes that all family members can’t be present during this very special time. AngelEye is a wonderful way to keep newborns connected to their siblings or grandparents awaiting their arrival.

To provide the highest standard of care to patients, SGMC now offers 24/7 coverage by OB Hospitalists and an specialized OB Emergency Department.


OB Hospitalists

These highly skilled clinicians add an extra layer of safety for patients with emergency deliveries and complications before or after childbirth. If a patient’s regular OB/GYN is unavailable or delayed, the on-site hospitalist will review their medical record and birth plan with their physician to accommodate their delivery wishes, depending on their medical circumstances.

The OB hospitalist will then provide a complete treatment report to their doctor, to ensure consistent and thorough care. OB hospitalists are also available to assist patients who do not have an obstetrician.

And in the case of a sudden gynecological emergency, SGMC’s OB Hospitalists are in-house and ready to assist.



Most moms-to-be don’t plan for their newborn to end up in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU. But should a problem arise during pregnancy or after a delivery, expecting mother’s should be prepared. Reasons a baby might need a NICU include premature birth, difficulties in delivery, birth defects, or illness.

SGMC continues to provide a Level IIB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 24/7 coverage from board certified neonatologists to provide a higher level of care for babies born prematurely.


Pregnancy App

Finally, SGMC believes it’s important for an expectant mother to understand what’s happening before, during, and after her delivery. That’s why pregnant women can download the Yomingo app and access evidence-based education on prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and newborn care. The app also features a kick counter tool. contraction timer, measurement tracker, and more.


Commitment to Women

SGMC’s healthcare team features 12 obstetricians, two neonatologists, four midwives, and dozens of nurses with decades of experience. SGMC is committed to being the leader in women’s health and is excited to continue developing this important program for women in this region.


For more information on SGMC’s Birthplace, visit

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