National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month, and while every day should be a day of wellness, this is a great time to focus on setting healthy routines, practicing self-care, and managing stress. 

This month is great for promoting these habits, and for some people who may already have these routines and practices established, this month can help them to refocus on their lifestyle. There’s always something new to learn when it comes to wellness. 

Establishing Healthy Routines

A healthy routine should be catered to you and built around what works for your schedule. Everyone has different routines, from work, to school, to practices, or other commitments.  However, regardless of any daily schedule, everyone should strive to routinely get some form of exercise, eat a nutrient-dense diet, and get plenty of sleep. 

Sleep is an important component of wellness. Adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night; however, studies show that most Americans get a little less than 7 every night. 

A proper amount of sleep can allow for your body and your mind to repair and prepare for the upcoming day. Avoiding binge-sleeping and sleep deprivation will help establish a sleep cycle that will keep you mentally and physically prepared. 

In addition to establishing a strong sleep schedule, you should consider eating nutritiously. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime. Daily exercise will help promote a strong sleep cycle, but other benefits of daily exercise can help prevent illness, enhance your mood, and boost your energy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated—it can start with smart swaps. For instance, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or choosing a parking spot further back to get more steps in. 


Self-care is the practice to improve one’s mental health, and it generally falls under three categories: emotional, physical, or psychological health. Emotionally, it is good to practice self-care by setting clear boundaries regarding your time and energy. Surrounding yourself with positive messages and people will help curate a more positive mindset. 

Working on personal or professional development, journaling, mediation, or counseling are all great ways to practice psychological self-care. Exercise is great, of course, but there are other ways to preserve or take care of your health. For some, that might be a manicure, a massage, or even stretching in the morning or before bed. 

Stress Management

Between work, family, home, or other commitments, it is easy to get stressed out. That stress can become insurmountable and hard to cope with. One way to practice self-care during National Wellness Month is to practice stress management techniques that may improve your quality of life. 

Taking walks, focusing your breath, and regularly exercising can all help reduce stress. Additionally, organizing your desk or living spaces can reduce stress and prevent it. Some people find that a stress journal is helpful both in relieving stress and identifying stressors. 

National Wellness Month is not all about diet and fitness—it is about being creating a positive, healthy lifestyle. In the month of Aug., we should all strive to make healthier choices and inspire others to do the same.

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