The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes. The word ‘yes’ is used in most people’s vocabulary on daily basis, but most people don’t realize how much power that three-letter word really has.  As humans, we’re creatures of habit. For different reasons, we develop the same schedules every day. Whether it’s a daily schedule, eating the same foods or watching the same tv shows. We tend to get in … Continue reading The Power of Yes

Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

“Needless to say of course I was emotional because I had one path that I was going down and abruptly it was cut off,” – Stacie Gaskins Imagine one week preparing yourself for a “mommy makeover” surgery. You’re going throughout your week excited and ready for your snap back after giving birth to a precious baby almost four years prior. The day before your surgery … Continue reading Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month, and while every day should be a day of wellness, this is a great time to focus on setting healthy routines, practicing self-care, and managing stress.  This month is great for promoting these habits, and for some people who may already have these routines and practices established, this month can help them to refocus on their lifestyle. There’s always something … Continue reading National Wellness Month