For the first time, the average college student steps into two new experiences. Now, they juggle between handling the lessons of life along with the lessons giving by the classroom. Both lessons independently are beasts; imagine the magnitude they create when put together. From the outside looking in, one can sum up college life to being one big ball of parties, football games, lasting relationships, and a little schoolwork sprinkled here and there. But for the actual college student the transition, mentally, is much more complex.

College students deserve to feel the freedom attached to positive mental health. A strong mind will conquer so much more compared to a weak mind. I had the chance to speak with Abria Bonner, a counselor at Valdosta State University. During our conversation, she shared her experiences and tips concerning mental health and college life.

“Students with less support seem to have a more difficult time coping with life in general. Most traditional students have never been away from their family for extended periods of time and have never had to figure out things, like when and what they want to eat. Having adult responsibilities on top of rigorous course schedules and work can be very tough on students. Some students do not have to carry this burden alone when they have strong support systems,” Bonner explained.

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