Words Matter

Words are the foundation of our communication with others. We are constantly using them. Even as I type this article, words are being placed together to expound upon a topic. No matter what, we can cannot escape using words. Once a year we celebrate this with “Words Matter Week.”  

What is Words Matter Week?

Since 2008, “Words Matter Week,” which coincides with National Grammar Day, focuses on celebrating words and why we need them. From a baby’s cooing to an elegant poem,; words are the gateway to our emotions and jump start endless thought patterns. For the first full week in March, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) charges America to highlight this importance.

Over the years, “Words Matter Week” has become popular among schools, libraries, and publishing industries. School districts across the nation design special curriculum that explore the ways that students can use their words to make an impactful difference.  

How Can You Celebrate Words Matter Week? 

Play A Word Game and Have A Word Party 

Who doesn’t like to party? No one is the general answer, but this type of party is more for the mind. During Words Matter Week, gather a group of friends and play various word games. Scrabble and Wordly are popular games that come to mind. If you don’t like those word games, that’s fine. Here is your chance to make up your own.

Take Part In The Words Matter Week Blog Challenge  

Each year NAIWE hosts a writing challenge; anyone can participate. Each day during Words Matters Week, the organization will send out a question to its followers. Then, the followers can take time to create a blog or social media posts to answer the corresponding question.  

Each follower can only submit one answer each day. At the end of the week, NAIWE will then compile all the names of those who participated and draw for one lucky winner! The winner will receive a prize along with a highlight on the NAIWE’s newsletter.    

Repeat Daily Affirmations  

Daily affirmations are an outlet used to evoke positive thoughts processed with the use of words. If these set words are repeated daily, the subconscious begins to believe the words, which ignites action. Challenge yourself and create your own affirmations Take these words, confidently repeat them daily, and watch how your mood changes.    

Always remember, you can use your words to hurt, or you can use them to heal. It’s your decision. Take time to celebrate “Words Matter Week.”  

Daily Affirmations You Can Try  

  • I am worthy of love.  
  • I have the strength and courage to conquer any challenge.  
  • I deserve to have a seat at the table.
  • I am enough.

written by Domonique Whitehurst

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