Former NFL Player Paying It Back to Youth Athletes in Thomasville

Danny Copeland is a shining example of a local, small-town boy doing well and giving it back. The Meigs native and Thomasville resident began playing youth football much later than most of his friends. “I didn’t begin playing football until middle school,” Copeland said. Even so, he said he knew he always wanted to play football at the highest level, and he did just that. … Continue reading Former NFL Player Paying It Back to Youth Athletes in Thomasville

Regular vs. Stationary Bicycles

Almost everyone has ridden a bike at some point in their lives. If you’re a cycling enthusiast or an elite athlete, you’ve probably used it for intense workouts and training. The health-conscious are more concerned with maintaining a healthy weight while keeping their bodies toned. That begs the question: Which gives you a better workout, regular bikes or stationary ones? There’s not a lot of … Continue reading Regular vs. Stationary Bicycles

Drew Berry’s New Clothes

In the spring of 2018, Archbold launched a new bariatric and weight management program, offering a comprehensive range of individualized nonsurgical and surgical weight loss options for effective long-term weight loss results. The program remains the only one of its kind in the region to have two fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons: Katie Hanisee, MD, and Joey Jarrard, MD. Since the implementation of the program, many patients … Continue reading Drew Berry’s New Clothes

Regular Exercise Can Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Living with arthritis, pain and stiffness from inflammation of the joints, can be uncomfortable and disruptive of everyday life. There are several ways to help soothe the symptoms, one of which that can be most effective is regular exercise. Extensive exercise is not necessary. However, a lack of it can create more stress on the joints because the muscles become weakened. Therefore, maintaining strength and … Continue reading Regular Exercise Can Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Leap of Faith: From Lowes to Body Works

Kelsey Allen and Jamel Watkins had it made. They were Operations Supervisors with Lowes Home Improvement Distribution Center in Valdosta, and they had been with the company for several years while making a good living. Both Allen and Watkins made working out and staying in shape a part of their lives outside of the workplace. In addition to keeping themselves in shape, they both were … Continue reading Leap of Faith: From Lowes to Body Works