Top Apple Workout Playlist

When you’re getting ready for the gym, you always make sure you have your key essentials. For me, it’s a comfy workout fit, protein shake, water bottle, workout bands and my air pods. If you’re like me I always double, even triple check if I have my air pods because music is a must for getting through my workout. Having music while you work out can either make or break your workout. Music controls the stamina of your workout. The right genre of music can give you inspiration on a day when you don’t feel like working out or it can give you an extra boost of energy when you feel like really pushing your body. Working out can mean many different things to different people. It could be cross-fit, lifting weights, cycling or yoga. Every workout requires a different type of playlist and the best part about workout playlists is they’re totally tailored to you.

According to, “what has been discovered is that the body naturally tends to synchronize its movements with music and its rhythms, so the right kind of playlist will help maintain your stamina for longer periods and cause you to speed up and slowdown in accordance with the songs you’re listening to. Music can also support physical exercise in an asynchronous way, too, motivating us more generally by elevating our mood.”

Apple music has some of the most diverse playlist that are updated regularly. Here are the top workout playlists on Apple Music from every genre.

  1. Apple Fitness+
    Apple Fitness+ is designed to satisfy your specific fitness needs. These specific playlists include Top Hits Run and Country Run for the treadmill, Rock and Reps for strength training, Hip-Hop HIIT for HITT training, Good Vibes Ride for cycling and so much more.
    This playlist focuses on new hip-hop featuring popular rappers like Drake, Lil Durk, Jack Harlow and Pop Smoke. Rap music is great for weightlifting and cardio. Rap/hip-hop is known to motivate you and give you a boost of energy when you feel like giving up.
  3. Jumpstart
    Don’t feel like going to the gym? Feeling tired or unmotivated? This classic rock playlist is the perfect playlist for you. According to Apple Music, Jumpstart is home to alternative jams and straight up classics that will get anyone out of bed. This playlist includes music from artist such as Bush, The Knocks, The Linda Lindas, Bastille, LINKIN PARK, and so many more.
  4. Pure Yoga
    Namaste! Need a perfect playlist to get you in a Zen mood. This playlist includes four hours of soft relaxing toons to enhance your practice.
  5. Pure Cardio
    According to Apple Music Fitness this playlist is an “up-tempo pop workout tailored to heart strength training.” This playlist is perfect for a run in the park or an intense run on the treadmill. This playlist is designed to help you go that extra mile.

Written by: Janay Brown

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