Youth Pastor Prioritizes Fitness

Ross Cook, a youth pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia, used to have trouble finding time around his work for his health and fitness. He and his wife, Wendy, decided to start their fitness journey together, which then presented the other issue of finding something that would fit with both of their schedules. CrossFit Winnersville became the solution. Not only did it provide … Continue reading Youth Pastor Prioritizes Fitness

Getting Personal With Trainer Lindsay Howard

Some might say the best part of personal training is the flexible hours or being able to get your own workout in while you’re working with clients. For Lindsay Howard at Sculpt 24 Fitness in Valdosta, Georgia, it’s watching her clients achieve their goals. “It’s a blessing to be a part of their journey,” she said. Howard has been a personal trainer since 2014, and … Continue reading Getting Personal With Trainer Lindsay Howard

Marine Veteran, 76, Is CrossFit Fanatic

Bill Sutton, a 76-year-old Marine veteran, is the epitome of longevity and endurance. This fitness fanatic is a regular at Thomasville’s local Crossfit community, Townie. The grandfather of five recently celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary by hiking Blood Mountain, the highest mountain on the Appalachian trail, with his wife right beside him. Sutton has developed a love for exercise since his introduction into the Crossfit … Continue reading Marine Veteran, 76, Is CrossFit Fanatic

Breathe Easy

Exercise and asthma may seem incompatible, and it is true that asthma may become triggered by physical activity. However, if used in the proper manner, exercise can improve the symptoms of asthma. Think of exercise as rehabilitation for the lungs; in order to help strengthen your internal muscles, continuous repetition is needed. Asthma is a respiratory condition caused by mucus within the lung’s airways. This … Continue reading Breathe Easy