Georgia Legalizes Medical Marijuana Oil

In April 2019, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 324, which legalized the growing, manufacturing, and dispensing of low-THC marijuana oil for specific medical purposes. This bill was a follow-up to Haleigh’s Hope Act, a law that made possession of low-THC medical marijuana oil legal in 2015. Although possession of the oil has been legal for years, Georgia patients have not had a safe, … Continue reading Georgia Legalizes Medical Marijuana Oil

Christmas Fit List

Whether you’re visiting the gym for the first time or you have your own setup at home, it’s important to have the necessary equipment to get the results you want. Don’t have the necessary equipment or don’t even know where to begin? No problem. Here are some of the biggest fitness items that should be on your wish list this Christmas. 1. Dumbbells If you … Continue reading Christmas Fit List

Love Yourself Out Loud

The Importance of Healthy Body Image in Childhood Did you know that children as young as 5-6 can develop a distorted view of their bodies? In later years, teens with negative self-image are more likely to develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Young children and teens with distorted perceptions about their body are likely to engage in unsafe weight-loss behavior. They’re also likely … Continue reading Love Yourself Out Loud

Serving Patients by Serving Nurses

Crisp Regional Hospital Crisp Regional Hospital’s mission is to provide quality care through personal touch, compassion, and commitment to patient- and family-centered care at a reasonable cost. At the forefront of those beliefs stands April Dukes, Crisp Regional’s chief nursing officer. Dukes believes that she was born to be a nurse, although it seemed strange at first. She was rarely sick, so she didn’t encounter … Continue reading Serving Patients by Serving Nurses

Fighting to Stay Together

There’s an old saying: Families that break bread together are families that stay together. The Spells family doesn’t only believe in breaking bread together; they actually break boards together. That’s one of the many techniques the Spells family has picked up while learning taekwondo together. Will and Jessica Spells are the owners of S and S Automotive and Diesel of Valdosta, Georgia, and they — … Continue reading Fighting to Stay Together