National Pre-School Fitness Day

Preschool is a very exciting time for kids. Kids finally get a chance to make friends, socialize and play on the playground. This is an important time in a child’s life, not only socially but physically. Believe it or not starting physical fitness this young is a great way to ensure your child stays healthy long term. 

Childhood obesity is a big concern in the US and growing daily. According to, with the growing concern over childhood obesity, diabetes and an early predisposition to heart disease, it is imperative that healthy habits of regular exercise and sound eating are taught to our youngest population. Two-thirds of adults and nearly one in three children are overweight or obese.  This has a direct impact on the workforce, health care costs and overall quality and length of life. 

National Preschool Fitness Day is a day reserved for the last Friday in January. The day is celebrated by daycares all throughout the US to promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and physical education.  

According to, “numerous studies point out that preventing disease and implanting healthy habits works best aimed at children aged five and younger.” 

A great way to start your child’s fitness journey is starting in house. According to, some great ways to incorporate fitness at home is making physical activity a part of your daily routine such as household chores or after dinner walks. Allow enough time for free time, such as playing tag or riding their bike around the neighborhood. Limit time spent in sedentary activities such as being online or watching TV. And lastly, be active together. It’ll get you up and moving and kids love to play with their parents.  

For parents that are having a hard time finding ways to keep their child fit or want to start a fitness journey, a great resource is CHALK Preschool Online. According to, this free resource offers preschool lessons for ages 2-5 that provide recipes for healthy snacks and physical fitness activities. What I like about the program is that many of the core classes like art, math and science include music, song and movement to ensure that your child stays active throughout the day. 

I know as a new mom it can be difficult to figure out great ways to keep your child happy and fit. But there’s many resources available to keep your child healthy so kids can just focus on being kids.  

Written by Janay Brown

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