CrossFit Challenges Mind and Body

Mary Beth Smith, 49, is always looking for the next new thing in fitness. In her desire to still look great as she got older, she discovered Townie CrossFit in Thomasville, Georgia. Smith, who has attended Townie CrossFit for the last 16 months, said that she already felt stronger after her first few lessons. This success was mostly attributed to having a capable coach. “My … Continue reading CrossFit Challenges Mind and Body

Spreading Empowerment Through Girls on the Run

Sarah Hutchinson, 30, of Valdosta, Georgia, devotes herself to health care and recognizes the impact it has on others, especially young women. Alongside her work at the Hughston Clinic, Hutchinson also has a passion for fitness and helping her husband, Taylor, with Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run helps young women realize that they can take charge of their futures and provides opportunities … Continue reading Spreading Empowerment Through Girls on the Run

The Product of Consistency

As one of the most popular fitness programs in the country, CrossFit has positively influenced thousands of individuals to live healthier lives. Bill Meli is a prime example. CrossFit provides an array of blood pumping and sweat dripping workouts, and Meli has embraced every aspect of the life changing training Meli, a retired Air Force veteran, originally hails from northern California, but he credited the … Continue reading The Product of Consistency

Fitness Is Therapy for Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Faith, family, and fitness are the priorities that Jacinta Howell, 34, lives by. With being a CrossFit enthusiast, full-time mother and wife, and a sexual assault victim advocate at Moody Air Force Base, those priorities help her cope with the daily responsibilities of a full schedule. Howell has lived in Valdosta, Georgia, for the last 25 years. She has been married to her husband, Kenneth, … Continue reading Fitness Is Therapy for Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Crossfit Winnersville #MoreThanJustABox

The sport and fitness regimen of CrossFit is the fastest growing workout trend in the world. The first CrossFit box (box = gym) was opened in Santa Cruz, California in the year 2000. In 16 years, the CrossFit box affiliation has exploded to somewhere around 13,000. One of the fastest growing boxes in the CrossFit brand is located right here in Valdosta, GA. CrossFit Winnersville, … Continue reading Crossfit Winnersville #MoreThanJustABox