Spreading Empowerment Through Girls on the Run

Sarah Hutchinson, 30, of Valdosta, Georgia, devotes herself to health care and recognizes the impact it has on others, especially young women. Alongside her work at the Hughston Clinic, Hutchinson also has a passion for fitness and helping her husband, Taylor, with Girls on the Run.
Girls on the Run helps young women realize that they can take charge of their futures and provides opportunities for them to learn without any limits, according to the organization’s website.

While her husband, Taylor, has the leading role of the two with Girls on the Run, Hutchinson gives him and the program a lot of support by volunteering at their 5k events, helping financially, and encouraging girls to get involved with the program at their schools. They have both been taking part since her husband decided to become more involved in 2017.

“When Taylor was in Leadership Lowndes, his team started an annual fundraiser, The Lip Sync Battle, to support Girls on the Run of South Georgia,” Hutchinson said. “He stayed involved with them after, helping them make it an annual event and becoming a board member.”

While the program is meant to provide knowledge and opportunities to help shape young women today, Hutchinson thinks there is more to it.

“I love how encouraging it is for girls to begin their health journey,” she said. “It boosts their confidence and helps them learn life skills that they can live out every day. It helps build their self-esteem, helps them build friendships, and gives them the opportunity to push themselves in something that they may have not thought they could do.”

When she is not helping with Girls on the Run, Hutchinson works as an MRI technologist at the Hughston Clinic, where she has been for the last six months. Her calling for providing crucial health care came at a young age.

“I am a helper by nature,” Hutchinson said. “I always knew that I wanted a career where I could help people feel their best. I was introduced to the radiology field in my early years of college, but I remember being young and having an MRI scan and thought it was neat how it all worked. I think my interest in radiology started then. Knowing that imaging is an important part of a patient’s success is what keeps me motivated.”

On top of all that, Hutchinson still makes time for her fitness. She currently interns at Yoga Central in downtown Valdosta, runs regularly, and is a member of CrossFit Valdosta

“I love yoga because it is an exercise for your mind, body, and spirit,” she said. “Running is an exercise that I am slowly getting better at. It is a great exercise that I have a love/hate relationship with. CrossFit Valdosta is a challenge, but I absolutely love it. I have never been into lifting weights, but they have really shown me how weights should be a vital aspect of your exercise routine to help build muscle and stay lean. It is a good feeling when you are able to add more weight and push yourself to the next level.”

Hutchinson originally started yoga to help with lower back pain and got hooked on CrossFit because she won a two-month membership at CrossFit Valdosta. Hutchinson feels that both fitness routines offer her a better quality of life.

“[Yoga] quickly turned into something that I try to do daily,” she said. “Yoga has a way of making you feel completely rejuvenated when you leave the class. It is really an exercise that anyone at any age can do. I really began exercising to help me feel better overall, physically and mentally.”
Just like how Hutchinson and her husband encourage young minds that anything is possible with Girls on the Run, the same can be said for her passion in fitness. Whether it’s trying a new fitness routine or finding the motivation to go to the gym, there are no limits when it comes to being happy and healthy.

Girls on the Run

We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

We envision a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.

Girls on the Run South Georgia is proud to serve Brooks County and Lowndes County
in Georgia.

Girls on the Run South Georgia is proud to serve Brooks County and Lowndes County
in Georgia.

Girls on the Run South Georgia
PO Box 591
Valdosta, GA 31603

(229) 234-7425


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