Seeing the Impact

Whether it concerns the application of the latest medical therapies or anticipating the outcome of surgical procedures, many physicians have to wait weeks or even months to see the results of their treatment plans. Dr. Albert González at Eye Associates of South Georgia gets to see the impact of his work almost immediately, and it’s his favorite part of the job. “I love eye surgery … Continue reading Seeing the Impact

Technology’s Impact on Health

Technology is taking over the world, and when used at an obsessive rate, technology can wreak havoc on our. We run the risk of developing issues with our vision, necks, and sleeping patterns. Headaches from looking at computer screens or smart phones occur because continuous stress is put on the eyes. We are so constantly straining our eyes looking, scrolling, and typing that we tend … Continue reading Technology’s Impact on Health

Keep An Eye on Your Contact Lenses

If you are someone that has needed glasses in your lifetime, then you are probably familiar with contact lenses. While some people prefer to just stay with eyeglasses, contact lenses can make life easier and happier, as long as you take care of them. There is a big responsibility that comes with wearing contact lenses; you are literally putting something in your eye, and you … Continue reading Keep An Eye on Your Contact Lenses

Take a Look at the Importance of Eye Health

Among the many parts of our bodies that go through changes while we age, the eyes are no exception. Many age-related changes occur to our eyes, and some come with the normal experience of aging, while others are more serious and could advance to disease. Usually after you pass the age of 40, strength in vision will start to decline. One of these age-related vision … Continue reading Take a Look at the Importance of Eye Health