Technology’s Impact on Health

Technology is taking over the world, and when used at an obsessive rate, technology can wreak havoc on our. We run the risk of developing issues with our vision, necks, and sleeping patterns.

Headaches from looking at computer screens or smart phones occur because continuous stress is put on the eyes. We are so constantly straining our eyes looking, scrolling, and typing that we tend to not realize what we are actually doing to ourselves. Implementing the 30/30/30 rule while using technology helps with this strain. The rule states that every 30 minutes you should spend 30 seconds staring at something at least 30 feet away. This method can help reduce those vision headaches.

Trouble sleeping is due to staying up to crazy hours of the night watching late night television – or in my case staying up watching YouTube videos. It has definitely knocked me off my typical sleeping patterns, and I am tired throughout the rest of the day. Try limiting your television watching at night, so then you can have time to shut your mind down to get to sleep.

You can also begin to experience neck or back pain from sitting up uncomfortably. Laying in bed watching television in a particular position or sitting in an awkward position with your neck and back both slouched can cause temporary discomfort and long-term damage. To fix this problem, whenever you decide to use a laptop or desk top, try sitting in a chair or in an upright position so that your neck is elevated at all times.

Protect Yourself from Technology

1. Blue Blockers
Blue blockers is a special technology that you can place in eye glass lenses to help your eyes not have to strain so much when looking at blue screens, such as those on phones, computers, and televisions.

2. Low Light
When using your technology, try using the lowest of the light settings so you are putting less stress on your eyes while looking at the screens.

3. No Technology 1 Hour Before Bed
Technology can wreak havoc on our sleeping patterns. Putting phones and computers away an hour before bed allows your mind to settle and relax so you are then able to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.35.42 PM

Written by: Hillary Griffin

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