Is Holistic Medicine Legit?

Our bodies sometimes fail and react in unpredictable ways to the world around us. Whether it’s hardwired into our genes or the result of pathogens and foreign invaders, illness can be difficult to deal with. Diagnosis can be terrifying when faced with potentially life-altering and life-threatening conditions. Should treatment be confined to conventional medicine, or is there something better available? What is holistic medicine? Holistic … Continue reading Is Holistic Medicine Legit?

The Future of Healthcare Is Telemedicine

Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t an easy feat for everyone. A variety of barriers to access can impede a person’s ability to access in-person medical care — including a pandemic. Thankfully, telemedicine is on the rise, and doctors across the nation are bringing remote services to patients unable to access the traditional clinic setting. Telemedicine is especially promising for improving access to care for … Continue reading The Future of Healthcare Is Telemedicine

Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and most racial groups in the United States. One person dies from it every 37 seconds, and one in every four Americans will die from it. The sad yet hopeful part? It is largely preventable. It is imperative to be proactive about your cardiovascular health. … Continue reading Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist

Urology Team Brings State-of-the-Art Technology to Southwest Georgia

Dr. Emerson E. Harrison, Sterling Physician Group Urologist, has nearly 35 years of experience in urologic surgery. After practicing in the Atlanta area, Harrison was looking to make a change to improve his work-life balance. When Harrison learned of the rural, teaching hospital in Moultrie, Georgia, he decided to move south to Colquitt Regional. A North Carolina native, Harrison received his medical degree from the … Continue reading Urology Team Brings State-of-the-Art Technology to Southwest Georgia

Dermatology Not Skin Deep

The Woman Behind the Medicine When she was a child, Dr. Betsy Perry Thacker would visit her stepfather, an orthopedic surgeon, at his office, and she thought being a doctor would be fun. “It (being a doctor) just seemed like a fun thing to do,” Dr. Thacker said. “I’d go to his office, and there were skeletons to play with, and there were syringes to … Continue reading Dermatology Not Skin Deep