Rewriting Resolutions — Mental

Most of us spend our lives completely consumed with work and everyday errands. To be happy is to be free, so why don’t we free our schedule to implement liberating and healthy habits? 2019 is a new year, and new times call for a rejuvenated regimen, just like that fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. Only you have the power to make yourself happy, so here are some … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Mental

Rewriting Resolutions — Physical

Sometimes we’re more focused on the number on the scale rather than our overall health and happiness. It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate because only focusing on your weight can lead to cycles of losing and regaining the weight, lower self-esteem, and an obsession with body image. It’s better to direct your focus toward lifestyle changes than weight loss diets because most … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Physical

Rewriting Resolutions — Medical

Most severe health problems within the majority of our society are caused by our lack of knowledge on self-care. It’s sad to say, but many individuals don’t know how to monitor their health issues and aren’t even aware of their problems until it’s too late. Raising awareness on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis is crucial when taking your health in … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Medical

Making the “New Year, New Me” Goal a Reality

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you are at the party with your family and friends. You are all about to watch the ball drop, and soon you all will be welcoming in the new year. There is excitement and anticipation in the air; it’s palpable. There is chatter all around, people talking about how this year is going to be a 1,000 times better than … Continue reading Making the “New Year, New Me” Goal a Reality