Rewriting Resolutions — Medical

Most severe health problems within the majority of our society are caused by our lack of knowledge on self-care. It’s sad to say, but many individuals don’t know how to monitor their health issues and aren’t even aware of their problems until it’s too late. Raising awareness on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis is crucial when taking your health in your own hands. In 2019, it is crucial that we must set more realistic goals for ourselves. Establishing daily vital checkups, monitoring our food consumption, and being more physically active are just a few health resolutions that can add that extra pep in your step into a healthier walk of life.

Check Vitals Daily

With today’s access to numerous technological devices, it doesn’t take much to personally check your vitals from the comfort of your home. Your local pharmacy should have many tools to monitor you blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Visit You Doctor

If you’re anything like me, doctor’s visits aren’t the most exciting topics of discussion; cold waiting rooms, crying babies, and tedious paperwork doesn’t sound too appealing. However, a yearly checkup with your healthcare provider has been proven to prevent further health issues. It is essential to build a consistent relationship with your healthcare provider.

Get Cooking

Limiting your intake of sugar and processed food will lead to a healthier life. We all have the urge to enjoy the convenience of engulfing a quick meal at our favorite fast food restaurants, but investing in groceries and home cooked meals will not only lead to better eating habits, but also save you a tad bit more money.

Get More Active

This is where setting realistic goals comes into play. It is important to pace ourselves in the weight loss process. Stretching more, adding a few extra steps within your day, even taking the dog out for a walk three times a week will build more confidence once each small step is accomplished.

Limit Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption

If alcohol and tobacco consumption is prevalent within your household, then control should be a priority. The U.S. dietary guidelines advise one drink of alcohol a day for women and two for men. There are also numerous cessation programs for smoking; the key is finding the right one for you.

Written by: Dominic Ligon

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