Anatomy of a Running Shoe

The running shoe has evolved over the years, and different modifications have been implemented to enhance the specified purpose of the shoe. Shoes meant for speed are made differently than shoes meant for long distances. It is important to choose the right fit for your exact needs Long-distance runners have certain requirements since those hours-long runs tend to take their toll. Plantar fascitis is a … Continue reading Anatomy of a Running Shoe

Spreading Empowerment Through Girls on the Run

Sarah Hutchinson, 30, of Valdosta, Georgia, devotes herself to health care and recognizes the impact it has on others, especially young women. Alongside her work at the Hughston Clinic, Hutchinson also has a passion for fitness and helping her husband, Taylor, with Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run helps young women realize that they can take charge of their futures and provides opportunities … Continue reading Spreading Empowerment Through Girls on the Run

Running’s Impact on Knees

Knee damage as a result to running can be compared to being burned as a result to touching fire; it is inevitable. Although there are determining factors such as the type of surface or the structure of your lower body, running can still cause knee damage. In fact, this particular injury is so common it has been labeled, “runner’s knee”, and is medically known as … Continue reading Running’s Impact on Knees

Get Active for a Good Cause

Marathons and other races hosted in the community can impact a lot more than just the people that run them. Many put on these races to benefit people in need. Whether it’s raising funds for medical research, helping the less fortunate, or even rescuing stray animals off the street, it is all for a greater purpose. These benefits along with the ones you will receive … Continue reading Get Active for a Good Cause

Going the Distance

All athletes know that stamina is a key to winning. If you can run farther, push harder, climb higher than your opponent, you’ll win. When others give up, winners keep going. Here are a few tips on how to increase your stamina so that you can conquer your competition or sport of choice. Build Cardio and Strength To build your endurance, you need to increase … Continue reading Going the Distance