Confidence with a Cat Eye

MCP_0788It is said that a smile is the best makeup a woman can wear. But many women will agree that adding some shimmery gloss to their lips gives them more confidence and thus, more smiles. Although there is some talk that a woman shouldn’t need makeup to make her more confident, Bekka Reese embraces makeup to empower herself throughout her day–and she does it well.

“A lot of people are against it because they say that it hides your natural beauty, but to me, if that’s what makes you happy and that’s what makes you feel beautiful, why not?” Bekka says.

Bekka is an upbeat, 24-year-old, who currently enjoys a position at Tift Regional working with insurance and scheduling. She is married to a Marque “Milla” Reese, who is a reputable photographer in the South Georgia area. He takes captivating photographs at a variety of events and occasions for In the Game Magazine and for the very magazine in your hands. Bekka has always been very supportive of her husband’s photography, but to both of their liking, she has begun to step up to pursue her own passion.

“I’m so used to seeing her help me out, and helping me follow my dreams, and I know how serious it is for an individual to pursue what they love to do,” Milla says. “I want to see her branch out. I love to see her get into her zone like I do with mine.”

And that she does. Around three years ago, Bekka began to really take makeup seriously; she looked to social media for tutorials and tips. As many women know, it’s not easy to mimic a Youtube video, but Bekka advises that consistency is the key.

“When I was trying to learn to contour, I looked like Simba from the Lion King, so I needed to watch these things over and over again,” Reece says. “I still haven’t completely mastered it, but it looks a whole lot better than what I started out with.”

For Bekka, wearing makeup vs. not wearing makeup is certainly a choice that can affect her day; she is not afraid to admit it. And for her, that’s the point. If you can do something that makes you feel better, do it. If you feel better not wearing makeup, then don’t wear it. It’s all about giving your confidence a little flair–something every woman wants. For Bekka, that flair comes in a little, shiny, berry-colored tube.

“When I don’t have mascara on, I look like I don’t have eyelashes; I look crazy,” Bekka says. On the contrary, if I wear a dark lip color, I feel like I’m just hot stuff. And I’m not! I’m not like that, but with that on, I feel great!”

Although her skill and knowledge for makeup application is exceptional, Bekka is an especially inspiring young lady. Inspirational because she has enthusiasm for something and she doesn’t let anything hold her back in expressing that. She looks to take her passion for makeup and steadily turn it into a future career. While having an entrepreneur husband helps, Bekka has her own little fire in her to take her passion and turn it into something bigger. Not to mention, she is a huge advocate for makeup.

“If you want to get into makeup, you don’t have to be an artist, just have fun with it, explore new things, and just don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need makeup,” Reece says. “If you really enjoy doing makeup and enjoy wearing it, wear it; be yourself, have fun, be happy and be beautiful.”RMGM3362

Favorite Products:

Bekka uses high end products here and there, but she doesn’t find them necessary. She buys some products from Walmart and says the brushes at Dollar General are just as good as most. Many women believe that getting their makeup on point will bust their budget, but Bekka offers a few great alternatives.

Skin Care Product: L’oreal Paris Deep Exfoliating Wash

Foundation: Younique Mineral Touch Foundation (Alternative: Elf Flawless Finish Foundation)

Contouring Product:  Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit (Alternative Brand: Elf Blush & Bronzing Powder)

Shadow: Addiction by Unique Nude Colors

Lips: Moxie Lipstick by bareMinerals (Alternative: Just Plum Good by Allmay)

Mascara: L’oreal Mascara (two sided applicators for length and volume)

Health & Life July 2016

Written by: Sarah Turner

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