The 2016 Presidential Election

This presidential election is unlike any other in American history. I know that same tired line has been used in every other election, but this election has two candidates who could not be more diametrically opposed. This general election has been a political bloodbath in which harsh attacks have been sent in both directions. Many pundits have called this election a joke because it seems to be more about the personalities of the candidates rather than their policies and how they will positively benefit the country. I, however, will not fall into that same trap. For all intents and purposes, this article will serve to breakdown the two candidates’ positions on the issues and what their presidencies would mean for the country.

Donald Trump

Let me begin with the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump. This election is Trump’s first attempt at trying to gain political office. He secured the Republican nomination on July 19 when the Republican National Convention held a floor vote to name him the party’s representative. Not bad for a first time politician, I would say. However, Trump’s candidacy sparked major controversy in the media due to his positions on immigration, his lewd comments about women, and the violence seen at his campaign rallies. While he is a controversial figure, we will save those topics for another day and focus on his positions on the issues.

Trade: Trump wants to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership, appoint tough and smart trade negotiators, direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify and eliminate every violation by a foreign country that hurts American workers, renegotiate NAFTA, identify China as a currency manipulator, and stop all of China’s illegal activity in the trade market.

Second Amendment: Trump wants to defend the Second Amendment from any rule that prohibits law abiding citizens from obtaining a firearm, empower gun owners to defend themselves, reform the mental health system, and appoint Supreme Court justices that defend the Second Amendment.

Tax Plan: Trump plans to cut taxes across the board, reducing income taxes to three separate brackets: 12 percent for single filers making $37,500 or less, 25 percent for single filers making $37,000 to $112,500, and 33 percent for single filers making $112,500 or higher. He also plans to increase deductions for children, repeal the death tax, and lower the corporate tax.

Military: Trump intends to increase the size of the military to 540,000 active duty members, build 350 ships for the Navy, provide the Air Force with 1,200 new aircrafts, grow the Marine Corps to 36 battalions, work with Arab allies, and pursue an aggressive policy to defeat ISIS.

Immigration: Trump proposes building a wall along our southern border that Mexico will pay for; deporting all illegal immigrants, starting with the violent criminals first; ending the benefits that are given to illegal aliens; and increasing the number of ICE agents to effectively handle the amount of immigration policy that will be enforced.

Hillary Clinton

The Democratic nominee is former Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is Clinton’s second bid at the presidency; she lost the 2008 primary to President Barack Obama. Clinton has a long record of public service that dates back to 1977 when she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. Clinton’s candidacy has also been plagued with controversy and scandal, including criticizing women who accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of sexual assault and an email scandal in which she improperly used a private email server that contained classified documents. However, I will focus on Clinton’s positions on the issues as they pertain to the 2016 election.

Trade: Clinton expects to invest $10 billion into a “Make it in America” pledge that will contractually oblige companies to keep their jobs in America and buy American made products. She will also reject the TPP, stand up to the Chinese in trade negotiations, create tax incentives to revitalize communities that have lost or are about to lose jobs, crack down on companies that send jobs overseas, and expand manufacturing.

Second Amendment: Clinton plans to expand background checks for gun sales, hold gun lobbyists and manufacturers accountable, and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

Tax Plan: Clinton intends to increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans to ensure they pay their fair share, close corporate tax loopholes to ensure the largest corporations pay the appropriate amount of taxes, cut taxes for small businesses, provide larger tax returns for middle class families, and pay for ambitious investments such as free public tuition in a fiscally responsible way.

Military: Clinton plans to ensure a secure budget for the military, improve military technology to bring the military into the 21st century, and take care of veterans by improving the VA and providing quality doctors to those who served.

Immigration: Clinton intends to propose immigration reform within her first 100 days in office. She plans to enforce current immigration laws humanely and effectively; she will support a pathway to citizenship and will stop the detention of immigrants who arrive at the border under extreme circumstances.


Health Life | November 2016
The 2016 Presidential Election
Written by: Zack Pine

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