5 DIY Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is a symbol for familial ties and bonding; The kitchen is the main attraction in a household. Families spend a good chunk of their time there eating and enjoying one another. With this in mind, why not have a nice looking kitchen? It would make sense since an abundance of time is spent in this one setting.

Just think of it this way. Thrift shops are your best friend for those small, subtle accents and you will be extremely familiar with the term DIY. Thrift shops offers vintage items that can be revamped or used to align with the feel of your kitchen. DIY is a tool for creatives and decorating enthusiasts to get in touch with their creative sides.

Spoiler Alert: not all DIY projects are extremely low-cost. Most of them are, but for projects such as countertop and cabinets those are reasonably priced. Unless, you find an alternative to lower the cost.

Here are 5 DIY ideas for your kitchen.

  1. Look into Laminates
    1. For a homeowner who wants a sort of copper like feel in their kitchen, installing a metallic laminate to mimic the look of real copper. This can be applied to any sort of metallic look a homeowner wants to go for.
  2. Customization isn’t the only way
    1. Instead of paying top dollar for any custom items, there is always the option to build whatever item you desire by your own.
  3. Inexpensive Alternative to Granite Countertops
    1. The countertops are big deal when it involves the kitchen. Countertops make a statement and can be the highlight of your kitchen. So why not fin an inexpensive alternative to the infamous granite countertops. You could go to a hardware store and purchase some concrete and mold the concrete in form that you want.
  4. Mix and Match materials
    1. You can use all sorts of materials that are already in your home to create other items such as a kitchen island. In this case, you as the homeowner have to assess what you have and what you can get to get the most use out of what you already have and purchased.
  5. Get Innovative
    1. When in doubt, get creative. There is always something in your home that you can use to help create your dream design. From countertops to cabinets, you can find something.

Using these 5 tips, you are sure to have a kitchen remodeling success. And your pockets won’t be too empty after the process either!

HealthLife|January 2017

Home Décor/Property

Maya Bramletta

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