Make a Splash, Escape the Cold: Five Reasonable Vacations for South Georgians to Escape the Cold this Winter

If you’ve ever been told by someone from the northern states that it doesn’t get cold in South Georgia, then you’re not alone. But let’s face it, two to three months of cooler temperatures here in the south just isn’t enough for us to adapt. The solution? Take a vacation, of course! We’ve provided a list of suggestions to give you a reason to escape what we consider the cold, at least for a little while.  What are tax returns for anyway?

Go On a Cruise

Family Friendly ★★★★★

Budget Friendly ★★★★

Consider boarding a cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Depending on the cruise you choose, you’ll have the option of beginning your vacation in Jacksonville or Tampa, both fairly convenient to South Georgia. Cruise ships offer a wide variety of entertainment indoors and out, and the beauty of the suggested destinations is you likely won’t need a sweater. Cruise ships are family friendly and accommodate to all age groups.


Go to a Casino

Family Friendly ★

Budget Friendly ★★★

Casino-goers often don’t even know the time of day much less the temperature outside. So no matter which casino you choose to visit, you won’t have much of a reason to face the cold for some time. With plenty of entertainment, great food and often rooms attached to the casinos of your choice, they can be an excellent escape, best suited for adults. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted into the casino and smoke fumes can be extreme in areas. Depending on how you plan and budget, casinos can be fun, considerably cheap and entertaining or they can be a financial disaster.


Visit Key West, FL         

Family Friendly ★★★★

Budget Friendly ★★★

The southernmost city in the continental US is a sure-way to find some warmer temperatures. Flying is your best option as the trip from South Georgia will take you approximately 10 hours by vehicle. Key West offers a subtropical paradise with plenty of fun and history. The climate, natural beauty and romantic appeal will make you forget it’s even cold back home.


Go to an Indoor Water Park Resort

Family Friendly ★★★★★

Budget Friendly ★★★

An option for one of these indoor summers is the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC. Families can get away and enjoy splashing, relaxing and dining all under one roof. This particular water park has fun options for all ages. Suites include water park passes, giving visitors plenty of vacation bang for their buck. The destination will take about seven hours to reach by vehicle.

Health & Life | January/February 2017

Make a Splash, Escape the Cold: Five Reasonable Vacations for South Georgians to Escape the Cold this Winter

By Sarah Turner

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