Red Owl Coffee Company: The Buzz on the Local Beanery

Coffee is widely known and loved for its ability to bring people to life in the mornings and help workers to get through the notorious afternoon slump at the office. For the Red Owl Coffee Company, a great brew is much more than just an energizing morning beverage. The company, newly founded in November 2016, is rapidly making its presence known in South Georgia with three locations in Valdosta and another coming soon in Tifton.
Each location offers an atmosphere focused on coffee culture, and employees embrace the opportunity to educate customers on the beauty behind every bean. With a wide variety of exotic flavors from all over the world, boredom is nowhere to be found on the menu. Red Owl proudly offers premium coffees for every palate, from the beginner all the way up to particular and refined tastes.
According to Red Owl Director of Marketing Oliver Thompson, the cold brew is the ultimate must-try beverage for visitors.
“Avid coffee drinkers who have never tried cold brew find themselves ordering it over and over again,” Thompson said.
Cold brewing coffee helps to eliminate the bitter taste that results from the acidity of the beans without sacrificing bold flavor.
“It’s easily our top seller and becomes the go-to for almost everyone who tries it,” Thompson said.
In addition to this tasty, trendy option, coffee lovers can enjoy lattes, drip coffees, frappes, and cappuccino, all of which can be customized with flavor shots to create the perfect, personalized cup. The carefully crafted menu provides something for everyone, including fruit smoothies and teas as well as breakfast foods and sweet treats.
For people as passionate about coffee as the Red Owl crew, the blog offers up plenty of reasons why drinking coffee is a great idea…as if another reason was needed! With information from studies on the effects of coffee consumption on human health, the blog provides a wealth of reasons why a visit to Red Owl is a must!

Red Owl Coffee Company: The Buzz on the Local Beanery

By: Miranda Moore

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