Buying or Selling Homes with the Experts

Stacy Touchton has been a real estate agent with the Herndon Company since 2004. She enjoys working with buyers to make their home buying process as stress free as possible. She is equipped with knowledge and encompasses the capability to get the job done in a manner that will bring ease to you. Stacy Touchton has a few important tips that she gives her clients when they first begin the buying or selling process.


  1. Get a Fair Market Value

You as a buyer need to know what the comps are in the area and know approximately what the other houses are selling for.

  1. Home Inspection

Make sure you get a good home inspection, so you can know of any defects in the home that you may need to financially account for.

  1. Termite Inspection

Termite infestation can be a problem when not identified because termites can cause more physical and financial damage for you as a buyer. The sooner you detect them, the sooner you are able to get rid of them before any damage is truly done.


  1. Deferred Maintenance

Make sure when you are selling your home you get all the deferred maintenance taken care of a head of time.

  1. Curb Appeal

When selling a home, curb appeal is the first aspect of the house that a potential buyer will notice, so making sure the home has good curb appeal is very important.

  1. House Staging

The way you stage your home when it is being shown is important. Making sure the home is not cluttered and that all personal items are put away are adamant. You want a potential buyer to be able to see themselves and their own items in your home.

  1. Stay Show Ready

A buyer can call and ask to see a home at any given time, so you should always keep the home presentable. Also, make sure you are not missing any of those showings either. Be available.

  1. Marketing

Market your home through social media or on the internet. Pricing is key.

Stacy Touchton assists her clients in making sure all their timelines are met on their contracts so that her clients do not lose out on any money. She gets everything to the attorney’s office and lenders in a timely manner, and makes sure her client’s process of buying or selling is as stress free as possible. Her main concern is keeping her clients informed throughout the entire process. Call Stacy Touchton if you want someone who is knowledgeable, caring, and gets the job done.

The Herndon Company: Stacy Touchton, Real Estate Agent

Written by: Hillary Griffin

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