Pros of Getting a Hot Tub

You get home after a long day. Your muscles are tight, your body and mind are exhausted, and you don’t think South Georgia could get any hotter than it did today.

This sounds crazy, but a hot tub might be exactly what you need to repair your tired body and soothe your frazzled mind. Here are a few reasons a hot tub is a must for your summer backyard retreat.

  • Soaking your body in warm water reduces muscle tension and decreases your blood pressure. Hot tubs can lessen stress and anxiety, which puts you in a better mood and frame of mind for all the backyard barbeques and daytrips your summer has in store.
  • Taking a soak in a hot tub before bed raises your body temperature. Being comfortably warm makes falling asleep easier and faster. You also tend to sleep more soundly, which means your body and mind get more and better rest, which means your metabolism works better, you’re more mentally alert, and you’re in a better mood when you wake up.
  • Hot tubs can help soothe and manage chronic pain. Water relieves gravitational pressure on joints; heat reduces inflammation and decrease stiffness. If you suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, or even carpal tunnel, a hot tub can be of tremendous benefit.
  • The same properties that help manage chronic pain can also help you recover from athletic injuries, such as pulled muscles and muscle sprains. Heat increases circulation to injuries, speeding up the healing process and relaxing sore muscles.
  • Increase blood flow from soaking in hot tubs can also contribute to younger, healthier looking skin. More circulation means more nutrients being delivered to your skin cells, which slows the aging process; and, as we mentioned before, hot tubs can reduced anxiety and stress, the leading causes of premature skin aging.


With so many benefits to owning a hot tub, why not add one to your backyard today? The experts at The Pool Store have a wide selection of hot tubs to suit any family’s budget, and they have everything you need to clean and treat your hot tub too. Plus, if there’s ever anything wrong with your hot tub, The Pool Store is only one phone call away with the answers to any maintenance or repair questions you might have.

Visit The Pool Store in Valdosta at 3363 North Valdosta Road or in Thomasville at 1616 Smith Ave. Or you can call the Valdosta location at 229-247-6440 and the Thomasville location at 229-227-1194.

Health Life – July-August 2017

The Pool Store Editorial

Written by: Anna Limoges

Pros of Getting a Hot Tub/Spa

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