DIY Home Furniture from Recovered Wood

Instead of going to the furniture store and paying an arm and a leg, why not build it yourself? For instance, building a patio sofa out of pallet wood is easier than one might think. All you need is the proper materials and an idea of how you want your creation to turn out for your home.

Look up a design:

First, you need to find a cushion you are willing to work with that your framework will go around. You can use an old one you have from storage or simply go to the local thrift store and pick one out. The important thing to remember is that it is whatever you want it to be, so go with your favorite design to match the rest of your décor.

Get the wood:

Pallet wood is a great alternative if you want to build a cheap yet sturdy piece of furniture. The idea is to already have some structure so that the building part is not so difficult, it’s just a matter of fitting the pieces together the way you like it.


As mentioned before, the measurements will vary depending on the cushion you picked out and how you plan to sit on it. If you want your feet to comfortably touch the floor, you either want to double up the cushions or make the foundation higher than a normal sofa. As a suggestion, you want the seat to be a deep-sit, meaning your inner knees are touching the edge. This way the pallet wood does not need to be cut smaller and the build will be a whole lot easier.

Putting it all together:

After the measurements have been done and you feel confident on how you want this to turn out, it’s time to start putting it all together. The frame will probably be the trickiest part, but if you have your desired cushion on hand and know your height preferences, you should be fine. Once you’ve set the boards down for the seat, all you need to do it screw them into place, no nails needed. Once again, the back support is to your preference, just match the measurement to that of the cushion height and go from there.

Sand it down:

After each cut, you need to sand it. You can’t over-sand pallet wood and you definitely don’t want any splinters. After you have finished putting it all together and before you put your cushions on, make sure to give it one last, final sanding. This way you won’t have unsafe arm rest and the cushions won’t tear on any jagged corners.

And you’re done! Place those cushions and pillows and test out your home invention. Oh, and make sure to take a picture of your masterpiece and show off your carpentry skills to your friends.


Sidebar-Tools you’ll need:

  • Pallet wood
  • Cushion and pillow of your choice
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Sand paper
  • Protective gloves, goggles and face mask
  • Measuring tape
  • Compound miter saw

Health Life Magazine / South Georgia / July – August 2017

DIY Category Article

DIY Home Furniture from Recovered Wood

Written by Alex Dunn


Credit: Funky Junk Donna

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