Winter Workout Gear Necessities

A cold winter workout can be just as satisfying as a hot summer one. Working out in the cold can actually burn more calories than working out in the heat. It’s always important to have the right gear for the right weather conditions. Here are some workout essentials to make sure your workout is still gratifying in the brisk outdoors.

Your head is one of the body parts most sensitive to temperature. A hat traps escaping heat during those cold runs. Get a lightweight hat that fits snugly on the skull and is made of material that will shield against cold air. Makes sure it covers your ears too.

Use gloves that allow your hands and fingers a good range of motion while keeping the cold air out. Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry.

Base Layer
The key for any exercise in the winter is layering. The most important layer is the one that is actually touching your skin. You want a compression material that won’t chafe. A crew neck will ensure that the neck stays warm as well.

Mid Layer
Try wearing something that is spandex with a mock turtle neck to protect the neck and trap body heat. Having a breathable mid layer will ensure a full range of motion while also keeping you cool and dry. Get something with zippers or mesh panels to allow for extra ventilation.

This is the outermost layer on the upper part of the body, so it is important for it to protect against wind and water. Try to have a jacket with a hood as well, just in case the beanie hat isn’t cutting it. Get something form fitting so it is easy to move in, but that also has pockets that will keep the hands warm with the gloves.

Just like the upper body, you want a base layer that offers compression to your legs as well. Wear leggings that can easily wick away sweat. Materials like nylon or polyester will keep you cool and dry just as much as the upper body.

Wind Pants
Get pants that are not too baggy so they are easy to move around in. Definitely do not use sweatpants or anything made out of cotton. This material will collect sweat, not repel it. These add another layer for wind blocking and trapping body heat.

Wool Socks
Use wool socks can make a huge difference in winter. You want thick and warm socks that also wick away moisture, but are not too bulky for your shoes. Wool socks will control the temperature in your feet and ensure warmth.

Written by: Alex Dunn

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