How to Work Out While on Vacation

When you’re on vacation, working out and keeping healthy is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, you’re just trying to enjoy your free time and relax from the daily pressures of work and family. Besides, there’s so much local cuisine to try out, and those beachside chairs are so comfy. Well, whether you like it or not, what you do on your … Continue reading How to Work Out While on Vacation

Winter Wonderful Skin

Everyone wants smooth, healthy, moisturized skin year-round, but how do you maintain that “summer glow” in the winter time? With the winter comes a change in humidity, and that can lead to rough, cracked skin or eczema flare-ups (for those with the condition). Although there are different skin types, everyone’s skin becomes drier in the winter. To combat unwanted dryness, try not to take long, … Continue reading Winter Wonderful Skin

Winter Workout Gear Necessities

A cold winter workout can be just as satisfying as a hot summer one. Working out in the cold can actually burn more calories than working out in the heat. It’s always important to have the right gear for the right weather conditions. Here are some workout essentials to make sure your workout is still gratifying in the brisk outdoors. Hat Your head is one … Continue reading Winter Workout Gear Necessities

Winterize Your Pool: 4 Tips On Keeping Your Pool Clean During The Winter

Whether you live in a place where you get a couple of inches of snow or a place where it barely sticks to the ground, keeping your pool clean in the winter is essential to its functionality in the summer. Although it may seem easy to abandon your pool and prepare for Christmas, the repercussions that follow can complicate your future poolside affairs. Algae can … Continue reading Winterize Your Pool: 4 Tips On Keeping Your Pool Clean During The Winter