5 Punches That Will TKO Your Body Fat

From the constant footwork to the forceful punches, boxing shreds calories and uses every muscle in your body. You get in cardio due to the bouncing (aka staying light on your feet), and the stance sets you up for maximum abdominal work. Between these five offense techniques, your back, deltoids, pectoralis major, upper and lower arms, and caves will be most targeted. You will feel how your entire body gets a workout when done properly.

1. Jab:
Although this is the weakest punch, it does have the longest reach. Jabs are also used to guage distances and interupt or block power punches from opponenets.

2. Cross:
Of all the power punches, this is the most effective from a distance because it travels in a straight line, which means that it’ll hit the target quicker.

3. Hook:
The hook is a semi-circular punch that is aimed to land at your opponent’s side. This punch generates a lot of power and increases the chance of a knockdown or knockout.

4. Uppercut:
An uppercut punch rises from the bottom and is usually used when opponents put their heads too low or in front of their lead foot.

5. Overhand:
The overhand is a punch thrown with your back hand and travels over your head in a looping fashion. It’s a wide and dangerous punch.

Written by: Candace Mitchell

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