Be Happy and Healthy at Work

7 Tips for the Workplace

Remember that a happy and healthy work environment is key. Here are seven tips to make sure you obtain a healthy and happy workplace.

1. Appreciate Your Employees:
No employee wants to feel unappreciated or undervalued. So consistently delivering praise and recognition always makes an employee feel special. Feeling that they are contributing to the workplace is greatly appreciated and keeps employees working hard and enjoying where they work.

2. Be Flexible:
Know that not everything is going to fit into a schedule. Things come up and things happen.

3. Happiness is Contagious:
A smile can go a long way. Just like happiness is contagious so are bad attitudes. You put out what you want to get out.

4. Promote Organization:
A well-organized workplace is key when you want things to run smoothly.

5. Be a Team Player:
Working as a team is the only way the workplace will run. There is no “I” in team.

6. Promote a Social Workplace:
Interactive employee’s makes for a happy workplace and an overall great environment. Invest in your team’s personal and professional growth in the company. Luncheons, events, etc. allows employees to get to know each other, so that work isn’t so stuffy.

7. Incentives are Key:
Incentives that allow the employees to compete make for a good time.

Exercise Balls as Furniture

Some may consider it abnormal or unprofessional, but exercise balls as furniture in the workplace is very much a trend now. This is a huge exercise ball that you can sit on, bounce, and truly just roll around on in the office. The purpose of this is to encourage active sitting instead of passive sitting, while also helping employees pay more attention to their posture. The inflatable ball has no back rest or arm rest, so you have no other choice then to sit up straight on the ball or find a spot on the floor. Studies have shown that it makes individuals sit up straighter rather than slouching around. You don’t want to be continuously falling off of the ball, so training your balance system to sit up also helps. It is also cheaper than a typical desk/office chair, which is a benefit. Now the money saved can be used towards something else.

These balls have been shown to help with posture, which cures those aggravating back pains you get from sitting against an uncomfortable chair for too long. You also do not have to worry about getting butt bone pain, which is like a form of tendonitis that can last for weeks.

Written By: Hillary D. Griffin

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