Wearable Fitness Accessories

Working out has been completely reinvented. It is 2018 and fitness accessories are becoming more and more of a trend. Don’t work out boringly. Throughout the years brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, and more have created different products to assist individuals in their workout endeavors. Here are 7 wearable fitness technology:

1. Fitbit: These are training watches that help track your heart level, calories burned, steps taken and miles ran.
2. Smart Shoes: Nike has teamed up with Fitbit, where inside of certain shoes you will find a place you can insert a chip that you will then sync to your watch. That way you are able to track your progress throughout your workout.
3. Smart Watches: Apple watches tell you when to breathe, when to stand, reminds you to drink water, etc.
4. Workout Arm Bands: You place your phone inside this band for a hands-free workout.
5. Headphones/ Beats: You use these to tune out the world when you are trying to focus on your workout.
6. Workout Pants: Tons of companies are beginning to add pockets onto their workout tights for women so they can have a place to put their miscellaneous items.
7. Mini Weights: You place these on your different body parts such as your arms, legs, or ankles when doing specific workouts where you want to tone or burn more calories.

These fitness accessories are here to help intensify your workout while also making it a little easier to track your progress to reach your goals.

Apps for Working Out in the New Year

When it comes down to getting active, sometimes you need an accountability partner or someone or something to help track your progress. Counting calories is still very real, but sometimes you can’t always get your hands on pen and paper. There are tons of fitness apps out there that help you in your fitness and health life. Here are the top fitness apps that you need to download today!

1. My Fitness Pal:
This is probably #1 on the fitness app spectrum. This app allow you to create an account, track your progress, track your day to day workouts, input and track your goals, and it also gives you tips on how to reach your fitness and weight goals quickly.

2. Pump Up:
This app is an app similar to Instagram, but it is for the fitness community. It is where people can post their progress or receive motivation from others who are trying to reach similar goals. It is supposed to be a no judgement zone, because everyone is a work in progress.

3. Weight Loss Fitness:
This app allows you to set and track your goals. It also has workout videos that you can watch and follow along to.

Written By: Hillary D. Griffin

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