Swap Bad Foods for Healthy Ones

When it comes to choosing between a beautifully glazed donut and multi-grain toast, it can be difficult to pick the healthier option. Making the decision to swap your favorite foods out for healthier options can not only be beneficial for your health, but help keep those calorie counts down.

Even though the change seems small to begin with, simply swapping out bad foods for healthier ones can go a long way.

“While complete diet makeovers can be overwhelming, focusing on small simple changes makes healthy eating more manageable and sustainable over the long term,” said Kelly Pritchett, a registered dietician and Ph.D. spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to Health.com.

Here are some suggestions on how to substitute bad foods for healthier ones for the three main meals of the day.


Instead of eating a granola bar, try oatmeal. Adding fresh fruit to it will give you a healthier and more filling option. Or, instead of an egg sandwich with mayo and cheese, try scrambling your eggs them with some veggies. It is still a filling meal, but one with fewer calories to it.


If you’re someone who likes to each a salad for lunch, try using spinach instead of iceberg lettuce. According to Health.com, iceberg is a green, but it doesn’t have nearly as many nutrients and health benefits as spinach. If you usually have a side of fires with your sandwich/burger for lunch, swap those out for a potato salad instead. You can even mix it with mustard instead of mayonnaise to cut more calories.


Instead of pasta, make a veggie filled dinner with spaghetti squash instead. Not only does it cut the calorie count down significantly, but it is high in fiber too. If you’re a steak lover and can’t be swayed to give that up, look for how the steak was raised on the packaging. According to Health.com, grass fed steak is significantly lighter in calories and fat as opposed to a standard steak.

If you are looking for an easier and money saving option that can help you choose which meals are the most beneficial to your health, try out DuMealz today. They provide healthy balanced meals that are prepared fresh hours before they are delivered. Meals can be ordered online at DuMealz.com or over the phone at 844-DUMEALZ.

Written by: Alex Dunn

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