Prepare Your Pool for Summer

Summer is finally around the corner, and with it the excitement to break out the pool again. However, one of the biggest chores of this season is preparing to open up your pool. It may not seem hard to just remove the cover, but once you see the color of your pool, you might have to consider that a little extra work is in store to getting it back in tip top shape. Here are a few tips to getting your pool ready for the summer.

One of the things you can do that will make a big difference to the amount of time it takes to open up your pool is to have a friend help. It can be done by yourself, but having a friend can make the work load easier.

Another tip is to open up your pool early. This way it is not sweltering hot when you open up your pool, and it can help diminish the quantity of algae, which likes dark, warm places.

Once you get the pool open, your first priority is to get the filter system up and running. Do this until your pool is clear again; then, you can start running it between 10 to 12 hours a day.

You should already have gone to the store to get everything you need, and one of those things is test strips and a kit. Test your water first to determine what chemicals it needs. If you have a chlorine pool, shock the water to raise the chlorine levels to kill bacteria.
Another important task is to clean your winter cover before putting it away. This can ensure that it will be nice and clean when you need it again. Also, think about using a plastic container to store it in to prevent it from being eaten by bugs or other pests while in storage.

Finally, the last thing you should do is relax. After you have prepped and cleaned your pool, it should be ready to enjoy for the summer season. Just make sure that you have checked everything off your list to ensure your pool is safe and clean to enjoy.

Written by: Alex Dunn

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