4 Common Pool Myths Exposed

Picture this childhood memory: It’s a perfect, hot summer day, and you’ve just come inside for lunch after swimming all morning. After devouring your favorite meal — a nice PB&J with a bag of chips — you’re ready to continue sharpening your cannonball technique. Your mom always said you have to wait at least 30 minutes before swimming after you eat. Moms are always right, … Continue reading 4 Common Pool Myths Exposed

Salt Water Vs. Chlorine Pools

The decision to install a new pool can give an upgrade to any backyard. There are many different aspects to consider, one of which is deciding what type of water you want to use. Chlorine and salt water pools each have their own qualities with different price and maintenance benefits. If you’re stuck between which water to use, here are the factors that differentiate one … Continue reading Salt Water Vs. Chlorine Pools