It Takes a Village: Legacy Senior Living Provides Care for Residents With 3 South Georgia Locations

Legacy Senior Living offers more than just independent and assisted living facilities; it also strives to serve seniors and their loved ones with honor, respect, faith, and integrity.

To do this, Legacy recognizes the variety of interests, abilities, and needs of each individual resident.

Legacy has facilities in multiple states, with three locations in the South Georgia area: Tifton, Moultrie, and Thomasville. While all three share the same vision, each provides and implements in its own way treatments and programs to ensure that residents are happy and comfortable.

Legacy Village at Park Regency in Moultrie, housing up to 70 residents, prides itself on exceptional care and a top-of-the-line activities program.

Allen Chambers, executive director, has only been at the Moultrie location for a year, but has worked with the parent company, Legacy Senior Living, for five years. He gave some insight on what his branch entails and what program he thinks is the most beneficial to his residents.

Their Memory Care program, according to Chambers, relies heavily on their Purposeful Day program. The secure memory care unit is designed and styled in a 1950s theme, and is referred to as The Harbor. Memory Care allows residents with Alzheimer’s and types of dementia to stay on a certain schedule specialized for each individual, and Purposeful Day provides purpose to residents’ everyday tasks in an effort to improve or slow down the progress of their symptoms.

“Whether it’s devotion with praise and worship music every morning at 10 a.m. or the fan favorite Bingo at 4 p.m., the day is full of entertainment, exercise, and fun,” Chambers said. “We are deliberate in having the latest technology, such as the Simple C program that helps work the mind as well as the body. In conjunction, innovative trainings in Alzheimer’s and dementia care allow us to better care for our residents.”

Chambers said every decision each department makes is based on one guiding principle: resident care. With that in mind, they provide the highest standard of living possible.

“That North Star keeps us going in the right direction in every aspect of a community,” he said. “We consider ourselves lucky that we can allow our residents to age in place, opportunities where we can help make the lasting years the best they possibly could be. From activities, housekeeping, care giving, maintenance, or transportation, we go the extra mile because we stay true to that star.”

Further south, Legacy Village at Plantation Manor in Thomasville offers a more historic atmosphere.

As the largest of the three facilities — housing a total of 84 residents — the entrance to the building is around 100 years old and has its original flooring, woodwork, and built-ins, as well as registered nurses working at the community to oversee the wellbeing of our residents.

One of these nurses is Deidre Yates, who has also been the executive director at the Thomasville location for the last two years.

Yates explained that, like the Moultrie location’s staff, they pride themselves on comprehensive memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia in the Harbor, which is their Memory Care unit.

Plantation Manor also offers various levels of care throughout the community so that residents’ needs are met without putting extra financial burdens on their families with additional costs such as private duty sitters.

“Our role is not to ‘do for’ but to ‘assist with’ each resident’s identified needs,” Yates said. “An individualized assistance and service plan is developed for each resident using a team approach with resident, family, and staff participation.”

Further north, at Legacy Village of Tifton, they make up for being the smallest facility — housing up to 60 residents — with pride in what they do paired with excellent patient care.

They offer a variety of activities for the residents, whether it be painting, bingo, outside entertainers, ministerial association, church services and devotions, games, movies, or taking them on outings for ice cream, food, or just country rides.

Janie Whitley, the executive director of the Tifton location for nearly four years, described a typical day at the senior living facility and what work is done to ensure that residents, whether current or future, are well taken care of.

“We spend time with residents and their families, walk through buildings checking cleanliness, greet each staff member as they report to work, and meet with staff to cover any issues and resident
needs,” she said.

“We sit down with the resident or family member to complete the paperwork, explain the policies, and answer questions. We at Legacy Village of Tifton come to work every single day to make a difference in our residents’ lives.”

Through their unique programs and services, the Legacy Village locations in Moultrie, Tifton, and Thomasville clearly strive to achieve the same goal: to provide their residents with excellent attention and care, no matter the type needed.

Written by: Alex Dunn | Photography by: Eric Vinson and Leg

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