Peer Pressure

Ever heard your parents say, “well if your friends jump off a bridge are you going to too”? I know I did when I was a teenager. Peer pressure at a young age has its pros and cons so let’s talk about it.

There are different types of peer pressure and knowing which one you are dealing with can help you solve it.

Spoken – Occurs when a person is implying another to engage in a specific behavior. For example, someone asks you to steal a candy bar for them.

Unspoken – Occurs when a person is exposed to actions that they must choose to participate in or be left out.

Direct – This is behavior-centric for example someone hands you an alcoholic drink at a party. Can be spoken or unspoken.

Indirect – A subtle type of peer pressure but similar to unspoken peer pressure. For example, learning that popular kids have alcohol at their parties.

Negative – Occurs when your own beliefs or morals contradict with someone else’s.

Positive – Healthy behaviors, for example, your presentation group wants to make a good grade, so you work harder to help.

Learn more about to the Pros and Cons to Peer Pressure below:

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