Making Smiles Last a Lifetime with Adel Dentistry 

Dr. Michael McCartney will be celebrating 30 years of dentistry next year. His family practice of 25 years, is located in South Georgia (Adel). Growing up, McCartney loved learning about science and knew he would either end up in the medical field or dentistry because of his desire to help people. Growing up in Rutherford, New Jersey, he had a great relationship with his orthodontist and dentist, which led to his parents encouraging him to take up dentistry as a career. In high school, he also had the opportunity to watch his dentist work on patients through a mentorship program. This helped set the path in which he is successful now.

In the past 29 years, McCartney has helped patients with their dental hygiene. The start of his journey began at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, (formally known as New Jersey Dental School), from 1988 to 1992. He then joined the Airforce and was located at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington D.C. from 1992 to 1993. For his oral surgery rotation, McCartney was located at Andrews Air Force Base.

Getting people out of pain,” is one of the many joys McCartney said he has as a dentist. “[I love] Fixing bad mouths and bad smiles and making them into beautiful works of art,” he said.  He describes himself as someone who loves to make people happy.

Finish Dr. Michael McCartney’s story below:

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