The Benefits of Meal Prepping

Eating is one huge source to how people gain energy to keep us going from day to day. Along with food, we need water, vitamins, and certain minerals to help us stay healthy and balanced in our lifestyle choices. One way humans stay healthier is through meal prep. Meal prepping is known to be one of the fastest growing ways of cooking within the past decade. People often think it is only for people who are on strict diets and for working out purposes, but this fact is incorrect. Meal prep is an amazing way to save money, time, avoid wasting food at the end of a meal and trains you to eat healthier portions! 

For beginners within this field of cooking, there are many great articles to read to help your meal prep journey.

 Chakell Wardleigh from Select Health discusses tips for how to make meal prepping simple. These include: 

1. Saving time. Meal prepping assures that you always have a little meal waiting patiently for you on your lunch break or when you arrive home. It also causes fewer dishes and less loads in the dishwasher.  

2. You’ll have more money in your pocket.  Meal prepping saves money because you can buy ingredients in bulk, freeze extra food for later, and most importantly, spend less money eating out! 

3. You can better manage your portion sizes. Restaurants tend to give us more than the suggested portion size. So many people are overeating each day and consuming more calories than necessary to maintain a healthy diet. When you prepare your own food, you’re able to control your portions, and you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in your body. 

4. You’ll create a better relationship with food. When you meal prep, you learn more about nutrition and how to treat food for what it is: energy and nutrients. You learn to eat only when you’re hungry instead of making unwise decisions in a rush.

Read more about the benefits of meal prepping plus recipes below:

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