Nap Time

As children we all hated when it was nap time. Now as we get older, we wish we could have one scheduled all the time for us again. Sleep is an important factor in our lives as it helps our body take the time it needs to refresh to finish the day. Lack of sleep causes the body to slowly shut down. This can become dangerous as we can end up falling asleep at the wheel or even missing an exam. Ask yourself if you tend to forget things a lot. Now ask yourself if you get enough sleep. Are they correlated?

Sleep Requirements
Every night we are to get about eight hours of sleep, nothing more and nothing less. As for naps that time varies. Some researchers say it should only be about 10-20 minutes while others say its okay to be longer than 90 minutes. Both sound like they would be okay depending on the kind of nap you need.

Different Naps
Recovery – This is usually once we are sleep deprived, as if we are playing catch up. You normally see college students taking recovery naps the most due to all their studying and homework.
Prophylactic – Also known as a “preparation nap.” For example, you can take this type of nap before going out with friends or going to an event.
Appetitive – Done out of enjoyment. There are people that make naps a part of their everyday routine.
Fulfillment – The type of naps we took as children because it was needed more.
Essential – Usually needed for essential purposes such as when sick, often referred as “doctor’s orders”.

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