SGMC Sees Growth with Physicians

Unequaled access to quality healthcare is one of South Georgia Medical Center’s main priorities, of which the system is making vast headway. Since officially organizing in 2020 SGMC’s Physician Network has more than doubled in its number of physicians and tripled in its number of specialties. According to Jim Zacharias, SGMC Vice President of Network Development, this is a result of enhanced partnerships with outstanding … Continue reading SGMC Sees Growth with Physicians


Life can be stressful due to everything that comes associated with work, family, school, etc. However, taking time for ourselves helps our mental and physical health. There is more to it than just eating three meals a day and getting enough rest. Our health is important as it helps prevent diseases and long-term illnesses. By being healthy, the reduction of developing diseases like cancer and … Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF CARE