Shedding isn’t reserved just for pets; when suffering from hair loss, it can be a part of your everyday life. Alopecia, or hair loss, is surprisingly common and affects both sexes, albeit from different causes. Hair loss can be divided broadly into two forms, non-scarring and scarring, and treatments depend on the underlying condition. NON-SCARRING ALOPECIA The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic … Continue reading HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW

Don’t Believe Everything You Hair

The internet is the biggest benefactor when it comes to finding quick tips for something, especially hair care. Calling your stylist may be more informative and trustworthy, but they might not pick up. The internet is always there for you — unless your Wi-Fi is out — but how will you know if you can trust it? Below, we’ll take a look at the truth … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Hair